5 Factors to Consider When Designing a Solar Panel Farm

As with any large-scale project, a solar panel farm needs to be carefully designed. Project management is key to ensuring the right contacts are made, and the right infrastructure is in place for successful project completion within the timeframe. Solar panel popularity continues to rise, with the UK using 14 gigawatts in 2021. It’s a good time for designing a solar panel farm.

Let's look into the main factors to consider when designing a solar panel farm:

  • Project management in the solar panel industry relies on communication and personnel
  • Minimise points of contact for solar panel systems design to increase efficiency
  • Solar panel, farm design factors, include safety for the site and surrounding area
  • Some solar panel farm design issues can be avoided by managing expectations

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    5 Factors to Consider When Designing a Solar Panel Farm

    5 Factors to Consider When Designing a Solar Panel Farm | Venture Steel Group

    Technical Design Drawings

    One of the first factors to consider when designing a Solar panel farm is the need for an intelligent design to ensure they are functional and safe. Before a single solar cell is procured for the farm, technical drawings need to be created for the site. These technical drawings include the standard of solar cells to be installed, the cell layout on the farm, monitoring protocols, and the construction processes with contingency planning.

    Technical drawings are a crucial early stage of solar farm development, but some companies choose to outsource the task to a third-party designer. Outsourcing technical designs can save time, but it can also lead to inefficiencies and safety issues on the site. If there is not a specialist designer on the team, it’s important to work closely with the third party to ensure quality results.

    Project Management Changes

    When you have technical designs in place, the next aspect of designing a solar panel farm is the project management side of things. Project management is a central feature of any large-scale project, but it’s not without its challenges. According to data, 11.4% of business investment is wasted due to poor performance with people, processes, and communication.

    Creating solar panel farms for the solar panel industry successfully requires a standard of excellence in the factors of project management. A quality project manager should know how to delegate tasks and communicate with teams clearly and effectively. The project goals also need to be aligned with the business values, and the best employees for the task need to be hired.

    Points of Contact

    Planning a solar panel farm is far from straightforward, but early planning makes the project smoother and more successful. Project managers need to understand what solar farm development entails; there are legal restrictions to attend to, design teams to consult with, as well as construction and landscaping. All departments involved in development have contacts.

    Create successful solar framework systems by sourcing the right contacts for different aspects of the project. Instead of contacting 10 people to get 1 thing done, it’s better to contact 1 person to get 10 things done. Still, this doesn’t happen by accident. Again, effective planning is needed to identify the points of contact to improve the effectiveness of solar panel farm design factors.

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    Safety and The Public

    Site safety and public safety are key factors to consider when developing solar framework systems. On the site, construction and the maintenance of electrical infrastructure need to be monitored and controlled. The right insurance also needs to be in place to cover unexpected events. Other public factors include construction noise in the surrounding areas and digging.

    Thinking about construction and maintenance ahead of time creates a more controlled environment for developing the solar panel farm; this makes the project safer and decreases the overall costs of the project. Lighting and hard stands for lighting equipment should also be installed ahead of time to improve safety during night work. Plan carefully to avoid lawsuits.

    Expectation Management

    There are myths about solar panel energy output and efficiency amongst the general public and within the solar panel industry. When creating solar panel farms, it’s useful to maintain perspectives on solar panel operations and solar panel farm design factors. Make sure that farm owners understand the timescale of the project and that customers know the true benefits. At the outset of the project, aim to understand the key factors and projections for the solar framework systems; you can then move

    forward with a detailed plan and various milestones to keep you on track. In terms of customers, it’s useful to inform them of the true reliability and energy production capabilities of solar power from the farm preventing common misconceptions. You can contact Venture Steel to make sure that all the factors are considered when designing, manufacturing and implementing your new solar panel farm.