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Agrivoltaic Field
What Is Agrivoltaic Farming

Agrivoltaic farming is an innovative agricultural practice that combines the cultivation of crops with the generation of solar energy on the same land.   For Farming: The introduction of solar panels creates a microclimate that significantly reduces plant stress from excessive sunlight and heat. This shade provision means water remains in the soil longer thanks to reduced evaporation rates, while plants retain more moisture. Such conditions can dramatically benefit crops that thrive under specific lighting or are prone to heat stress, possibly leading to increased yields and more efficient water use. For Energy Generation: The gentle cooling from plant transpiration…

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Ground Mounted Vs Roof Mounted Solar Panel Systems

Focus Points: Flexibility vs Space Efficiency: Ground-mounted panels shine in flexibility, allowing for optimal orientation towards the sun, crucial for maximising energy production. Roof-mounted systems, however, efficiently utilise otherwise unused rooftop space, perfect for those with limited land. Ease of Maintenance: Ground systems offer straightforward access for maintenance, reducing hassle and potentially extending panel lifespan. Roof-mounted options, while less accessible, use premium steel frames from Venture Steel to ensure durability despite the elements. Initial Investment & Long-term Savings: While ground-mounted setups might require a higher upfront investment, they often lead to greater energy production and savings. Roof installations, conversely, present…

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Leveraging the Landscape: How Ground Screws Unlock Solar Energy in Remote Locations

Imagine you’re a key, and the untapped potential of solar energy in remote locations is a lock waiting to be opened. Ground screws, the unsung heroes of solar installations, could be the tool you’ve been looking for. They’re a cost-effective and reliable method for mounting solar panels, allowing you to harness the power of the sun, even in the remotest of locations. But it’s not just about location; it’s about leveraging the landscape to your advantage, using ground screws to surmount uneven terrain and other geographical challenges.   Call us on What are Ground Mounts? You might be wondering, what…

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What Are Solar Carports?

Advantages of Solar Carports Customisability: Solar carports can be tailored in size to meet specific needs, accommodating multiple vehicles or providing space for gatherings and outdoor activities. Flexibility in Solar Panel Configuration: Offers control over the angle, orientation, and size of the solar panels, maximising efficiency and sunlight capture. Convenience of EV Charging: Integrates EV charging stations within the carport design, facilitating convenient charging while protecting the vehicle from the elements. Vehicle Protection: Shields vehicles from rain, snow, and harsh sunlight, helping to prolong their lifespan and reduce the need for frequent repairs and maintenance. Financial Incentives: Many governments and…

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Exciting Solar Panel Trends: Looking over the horizon

In the ever-evolving landscape of solar energy, Venture Steel Group is at the forefront of embracing and driving innovative trends that promise a more efficient and sustainable future. Among these, the rise of floating solar panels marks a significant leap forward. Purposefully engineered for deployment on water bodies such as lakes and reservoirs, these panels herald the advent of what is now known as ‘floating solar farms.’ This ingenious solution is rapidly gaining traction, especially in regions like the UK, where the scarcity of land presents a notable challenge for traditional solar installations. Simultaneously, the solar industry is witnessing the…

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Solar Panel Inverters: What are their Industrial Applications?

Whether you’re new to this or an expert in the field, we’ve got your needs covered. Although, we don’t manufacture inverters, our expertise lies in providing solar inverter steps and platforms. However, we still feel it is important that you receive the best information possible to help you optimise your solar panel systems. This article is designed to empower you with the knowledge needed to optimise your solar panel setup and make well-informed decisions. The article will delve into the following topics: How do solar inverters work? What are the different types of solar inverters? How to choose the right…

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How Are Solar Panels Installed on the Ground?

In this article we will focus on and cover the following topics as well as some extras: Can Solar Panels be Mounted on the Ground? Do You Need Planning Permission for Ground-Mounted Solar Panels? How Are Solar Panels Ground Mounted? What are the Benefits of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels? Call us on How Are Solar Panels Installed on the Ground? Ground Mounted Solar Panels While it’s a common sight to see solar panels adorning the roofs of residential buildings, particularly where land is scarce, this setup may not always be ideal for larger or commercial solar projects. Roof installations come with…

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Venture Steel offer Solar Farm Design Services | Quality Solar Panel Farm Design by Venture Steel Group
How to Design a Solar Panel Farm

What is a solar farm? A solar farm, also known as a solar park, is a large-scale installation of photovoltaic solar panels. There is no fixed number of panels or specific land area that defines a solar farm; however, a common benchmark for a solar farm is the capacity to produce at least one megawatt of power. Why Choose Venture Steel Group? Expertise in Solar Installation Quality in Solar Farm Design Reliability and Adaptability In-depth Knowledge of Solar Infrastructure Professional Planning & High-Quality Materials Call us on Solar Farm Design Services and Development How Do Solar Farms Work? Solar farms…

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Why is the spacing of C Section Purlins important To Structural Integrity? | Venture Steel Group
Why is the spacing of C Section Purlins important To Structural Integrity?

To make new buildings secure and safe, it is essential to use the correct measures when creating the structure. When it comes to inputting the roof and walls, it is advised to use correctly spaced C-section purlins, as these improve structural integrity and guarantee safety. Here is more on why the spacing of C-section purlins is essential. What Are C Purlins? How Purlins Hold Up Wall & Floor Joists Correct Spacing of Steel Purlins Steel C Section Purlins From Venture Steel Call us on Why is the spacing of C Section Purlins important To Structural Integrity? What are C purlins?…

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Z purlin vs C purlin - Which purlin do you need? | Venture Steel Group
Z Purlin vs C Purlin – Which One Do You Need for your Construction Project?

When it comes to choosing the right purlins for your construction project, you have a critical decision to make. Do you go with the Z section purlin or the C section purlin? There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and understanding them will be key in making the right choice. This complete expert guide will help shed light on what makes each option unique so that you can confidently select which purlin is best suited for your specific project. We’ll look at performance, installation, and cost-effectiveness of different types of purlins and discuss how those factors further influence your final…

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Roofing Construction: Steel Roofing Support Solutions | Venture Steel Group
Roofing Construction: How Are Steel Roofs Supported?

If steel roofs are so resilient and long-lasting, it is also thanks to structures that are not always immediately visible, such as steel purlins. Steel purlins, which are horizontal bars used to provide structural support to metal roofing constructions, are just one of the elements that allow roofs to withstand extraordinary loads and resist extreme weather events. In this expert guide by the Venture Steel Group, you’ll find all you need to know about how purlins help solve some of the critical challenges in roofing construction. Roof Support Purlins The main challenges of steel roofing in construction Z Section Purlins…

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Ballasts vs Pilling - Solar Panel Farm Foundation Solutions | Venture Steel Group
Ballasts Vs Pilling – Solar Panel Farm Foundation solutions (for a PV Farm Design)

PV farms or photovoltaic Solar Panel Farms as they are also known are designed and built to gather energy from the sun’s rays, which is transformed into electricity. PV farms are a clean and renewable form of energy, and as such as growing in popularity right now, which means more and more are being built. Those in charge of the design and construction of PV farms must make a decision between two different types of foundations for the panels used. These two types of foundations are ballast, and pilling. Ground Foundations For Solar Panels Ballasts Pilling Advantages & Disadvantages of…

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