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How Are Solar Panels Installed on the Ground? (Ground Mounted Solar Panels)

It’s common to see solar panels on the roofs of residential buildings, where land surrounding the house is limited. But is this really practical for larger and commercial projects? Roof-installed solar panels are limited by space and accessibility, leading those taking on larger projects to have a number of questions that we will tackle in this guide. Can Solar Panels be Mounted on the Ground? Do You Need Planning Permission for Ground Mounted Solar Panels? What are the Benefits of Ground Mounted Solar Panels Call us on Ground Mounted Solar Panels Can Solar Panels be Mounted on the Ground? Yes,…

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Venture Steel offer Solar Farm Design Services | Quality Solar Panel Farm Design by Venture Steel Group
Solar Farm Design Services by Venture Steel Group

Solar power is becoming more popular in response to the looming energy crisis. Although there is an initial cost, it can be more cost-effective to become self-sufficient with a solar panel installation. Or you can supplement your incoming grid energy with a custom design. Quality Solar Panel Farm Design Reliable Solar Farm Design Service Professional Solar Panel Farm Planning Quality Grades Of Steel Call us on Solar Farm Design Services & Development The Rise of Solar Power The first solar panel dates back to 1881. Yet we have only been using them commercially and residentially for a few decades. One…

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Why is the spacing of C Section Purlins important To Structural Integrity? | Venture Steel Group
Why is the spacing of C Section Purlins important To Structural Integrity?

To make new buildings secure and safe, it is essential to use the correct measures when creating the structure. When it comes to inputting the roof and walls, it is advised to use correctly spaced C-section purlins, as these improve structural integrity and guarantee safety. Here is more on why the spacing of C-section purlins is essential. What Are C Purlins? How Purlins Hold Up Wall & Floor Joists Correct Spacing of Steel Purlins Steel C Section Purlins From Venture Steel Call us on Why is the spacing of C Section Purlins important To Structural Integrity? What are C purlins?…

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Z purlin vs C purlin - Which purlin do you need? | Venture Steel Group
Z Purlin vs C Purlin – Which One Do You Need for your Construction Project?

When it comes to choosing the right purlins for your construction project, you have a critical decision to make. Do you go with the Z section purlin or the C section purlin? There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and understanding them will be key in making the right choice. This complete expert guide will help shed light on what makes each option unique so that you can confidently select which purlin is best suited for your specific project. We’ll look at performance, installation, and cost-effectiveness of different types of purlins and discuss how those factors further influence your final…

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Roofing Construction: Steel Roofing Support Solutions | Venture Steel Group
Roofing Construction: How Are Steel Roofs Supported?

If steel roofs are so resilient and long-lasting, it is also thanks to structures that are not always immediately visible, such as steel purlins. Steel purlins, which are horizontal bars used to provide structural support to metal roofing constructions, are just one of the elements that allow roofs to withstand extraordinary loads and resist extreme weather events. In this expert guide by the Venture Steel Group, you’ll find all you need to know about how purlins help solve some of the critical challenges in roofing construction. Roof Support Purlins The main challenges of steel roofing in construction Z Section Purlins…

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Ballasts vs Pilling - Solar Panel Farm Foundation Solutions | Venture Steel Group
Ballasts Vs Pilling – Solar Panel Farm Foundation solutions (for a PV Farm Design)

PV farms or photovoltaic Solar Panel Farms as they are also known are designed and built to gather energy from the sun’s rays, which is transformed into electricity. PV farms are a clean and renewable form of energy, and as such as growing in popularity right now, which means more and more are being built. Those in charge of the design and construction of PV farms must make a decision between two different types of foundations for the panels used. These two types of foundations are ballast, and pilling. Ground Foundations For Solar Panels Ballasts Pilling Advantages & Disadvantages of…

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Solar Farm Logistics: In-House vs. 3PL | Venture Steel Group
In-House Transport Vs. 3rd Party Logistics – Deciding the best Solar Farm logistics option

When it comes to transporting components for a solar farm project, there are two main options available: in-house transportation and third-party logistics (3PL). Both of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages, and we’re going to cover them in this article to help you decide on the best logistics option for your solar farm project. In-House Solar Panel Farm Logistics 3rd Party Solar Panel Farm Logistics In-House Logistics vs 3PL Call us on Solar Panel Logistics: In-House Transport Vs. 3rd Party Logistics for Solar Panel Farm Design Solar Farm Logistics: In-House Transport In-house transportation, or in-house logistics, is when…

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solar farm material choice: The impact of material choice on your solar farm investment | Venture Steel Group
Solar Farm Material Choice: The Impact of Material Choice on Solar Farm Investments

When making the decision to invest in a solar farm, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important is the material choice for your solar panels. Different materials have different benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs. This blog post will discuss the impact of material choice on solar farm investments. We will also provide tips on how to make the best decision for your business! Solar Farm Material Choice: Common Materials How can material choice for solar farms have a positive effect on your Investment? Steel Grades DX51…

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5 Factors to Consider When Designing a Solar Panel Farm | Venture Steel Group
5 Factors to Consider When Designing a Solar Panel Farm

As with any large-scale project, a solar panel farm needs to be carefully designed. Project management is key to ensuring the right contacts are made, and the right infrastructure is in place for successful project completion within the timeframe. Solar panel popularity continues to rise, with the UK using 14 gigawatts in 2021. It’s a good time for designing a solar panel farm. Let’s look into the main factors to consider when designing a solar panel farm: Project management in the solar panel industry relies on communication and personnel Minimise points of contact for solar panel systems design to increase…

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What To Consider When Investing in a Solar Panel PV Farm | Venture Steel Group
What To Consider When Investing in a Solar Panel PV Farm

Harvesting sunlight using a solar PV farm is one of the best ways to generate additional income and has quickly risen to one of the top investments for independent investors and companies. Solar farms are ground-mounted solar panels that are typically in rows. These ground-mounted solar panels are fixed to the ground with special frames and can cover anywhere between 1 to 100 or more acres. In this blog we will be discussing: Restrictions of Solar Farms Animal/ Agriculture Impact of Solar Farms Maintenance of Solar Farms Call us on What To Consider When Investing in a Solar Panel PV…

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The Importance Of Logistics In The Solar Panel Industry | Venture Steel Group
The Importance Of Logistics In The Solar Panel Industry

Solar panels are becoming one of the best, most popular investments for those with access to acres of land. Getting your solar panels installed has many parts of the process, though. The land will need to be surveyed to check that it is suitable, and the solar panels will be designed to meet your requirements, planning permissions, construction and long-term maintenance plan. You’ll need to choose a logistics partner that will be able to meet your expectations and has experience in logistics in the solar panel industry. Service Areas Cost Reliability Lead Times Expertise Call us on The Importance Of…

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The Truth About Solar Panel Farms: Solar Farm Design Issues | Venture Steel
The Truth about Solar Panel Farms

On the surface, solar panel farms seem like an excellent way to generate renewable energy in abundance. However, the truth about solar panel farms is much different and poses a range of issues, from being eyesores across the great British countryside to bringing severe environmental consequences. Venture Steel’s Solar Farm Capabilities: Solar Panel Ground Mounts Solar Panel Sheep Guards Solar Inverter Platforms Call us on The Truth about Solar Panel Farms What is a solar farm? Solar Panel Farms are large-scale solar panel installations. They use photovoltaic (PV) panels to absorb energy from the sun. This energy is then transferred…

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