Bespoke Steel Products

Z section purlins are used for the framing of roofs and wall joists, forming a frame upon which roofing sheets and wall panels can be fixed to, typically for commercial and industrial buildings.

  • DX51, S350-S550, and other exotic materials
  • Produced up to 10m in length
  • Strong, Lightweight & Durable

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    Bespoke Steel Projects

    Alongside our presswork and structural steel products for the solar power industry, Venture Steel Group undertakes bespoke steel projects of all types and sizes. Our sizeable manufacturing capacity, and knowledge within our industry, enables us to deliver all types of UK manufactured steel products for a number of industries and applications.

    For our bespoke steel projects, Venture Steel Group works closely with customers to ensure we understand unique project specifications and requirements. Our hands-on approach to the customer journey ensures that our precision made products meet all expectations.

    The bespoke steel projects featured here demonstrate the capacity of Venture Steel Group to cater to all types of steel projects.

    Venture Steel Group provides a comprehensive in-house manufacturing service for bespoke projects, produced across our two family-owned sites. Our investments into CNC machinery and an expansive plant list means Venture Steel Group offers cutting, punching, rolling and forming, and welding operations for the complete manufacture of bespoke products.

    Our 25-175 tonne power presses can accommodate customer tooling for bespoke steel projects, or alternatively, Venture Steel Group have the ability to manufacture custom tooling in-house for bespoke works.

    As a family-run business which continues to flourish, Venture Steel Group values the relationships it forms with customers, and so is driven to meet agreed project timescales. We offer our services on a global scale.

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