There is no better feeling than owning a specially designed storage solution for the tools that make your dreams a reality. At Venture Steel, we don't just offer a place to store your tools; we provide a bespoke storage solution made by you, for you!


Our custom-made tool storage solutions include:

  • Steel toolboxes
  • Steel chests

All made with British steel and manufactured in the UK, available as bespoke or standardised options.

Bespoke Tool Storage

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    Bespoke Tool Storage Solutions

    We offer a range of sizes and colours. Our specially crafted storage solutions can be used in various industries, including industrial applications and trades. Whether you need a handheld, portable, or permanent storage solution, Venture Steel has decades of experience at your disposal. Contact us today to discover how we can turn your vision into reality.

    Cutout Vs

    Venture Steel Group has been creating bespoke tool storage for the industrial sector for many years. We design, manufacture, and supply custom tool solutions across the UK. Our bespoke tool storage solutions are developed and manufactured for everyday use in the industrial sector. Using high-quality materials, our 75,000 sq ft facility ensures your bespoke tool storage solution is made to perfection. Our experienced team works closely with clients to provide tool storage custom-made for their exact application, taking a hands-on approach throughout the process to ensure complete satisfaction.

    Bg Steel Toolbox

    As a family-run business since 2003, Venture Steel Group values ongoing relationships with our clients. We deliver high-quality tool storage, on budget and on time. Our expansive facility allows us to handle small or large orders efficiently and reliably.

    As a dedicated UK manufacturer, Venture Steel Group works exclusively with British steel for our toolboxes, ensuring a high-quality product every time. We serve clients across the globe, working hard to meet agreed lead times for our products.

    Bespoke Steel Chests Solutions

    Venture Steel Group fabricates high-quality, durable steel chests for practical tool storage. Whether you need a bespoke design or a standardised range, we deliver products that meet your specifications and requirements. Our steel chests provide increased storage capacity and are ideal for warehouses, workshops, or vans. Our expert team has extensive experience across multiple industries, offering custom solutions every time.

    We are steel specialists, working with all types of steel to produce a wide range of products. Our dedication to manufacturing tool storage has allowed us to perfect our processes, creating practical solutions to organise, protect, and provide convenient access to industrial and trade tools.

    Our steel chests, fabricated using British steel, can be customised to your unique specifications or designed collaboratively with you. Venture Steel Group fabricates steel chests and other forms of tool storage for clients globally, adhering to agreed lead times to meet all expectations.

    Bespoke Steel Chest

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