Steel Purlins

Steel purlins assist in constructing the framework of a building, and are applicable for:

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    Steel Purlins

    With decades of experience in the steel forming industry, Venture Steel Group manufactures steel purlins of the highest quality. Aided by the vast capacity of our two family-owned sites, totalling 75,000 square foot, and a knowledgeable, skilled workforce, Venture Steel Group creates C and Z purlins and bespoke angles for the structural support of a building. 

    We prioritise the quality of our UK manufactured products, and the relationships we build with clients in doing so. Venture Steel Group works closely alongside our clients when manufacturing products, aiming to accommodate all their needs, whilst meeting exacting project specifications. 

    Venture Steel Group has an extensive manufacturing capacity, allowing us to handle large material tonnage for mass volume production; we can provide up to 10 metre galvanised steel purlins, both drilled and undrilled, in a range of gauges. We moreover offer our expansive services globally. 

    Purlins are horizontal beams, typically made from galvanised steel or wood, which provide structure and support for roofs, walls, and floors. Suitable for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings, purlins are an integral part of structural engineering; for this reason, purlins must be capable of bearing loads and of maintaining this integrity over time, so as to optimise the safety and ongoing costs of a premise. Galvanised steel is a primary material choice for purlins; protected against corrosion, with an excellent strength-weight ratio, steel purlins are a durable and economic material to comprise the framework of a building, and protect against external environmental factors such as high winds.

    Our structural steel suits most standards, and is available in grades ranging from DX51 through to S350-S550, including many exotic structural steels.

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    Steel purlins assist in constructing the framework of a building, and are applicable for:

    • C Section Purlins provide support for walls and floor joists, including mezzanine flooring
    • Z Section Purlins provide support for roofs and walls
    • Purlins for solar power frame mounts 


    Purlins typically take form as either C section purlins, or Z section purlins, the differentiation being the profile of the sections. 

    The profile of a Z section purlin features two protruding angles, typically of less than 90°, located at the top and bottom of a vertical body, and on opposite sides; on the other hand, a C section has two protruding angles, generally 90°, at the top and bottom of the vertical body, but on the same side - curling the material in towards itself.

    Because of the differing properties caused by the profiles of the Z and C section, they generally have different applications within the construction of a building.

    Both C section purlins and Z section purlins are strong enough to support the structure of a building. However, Z section purlins are considered stronger than C section because of their ability to overlap. Their profile allows for multiple sections to be used continuously, increasing the load bearing capacity of the section, especially across longer spans.

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      Venture Steel Group seeks to accommodate the needs of our clients in all we do, and so can supply galvanised, hot, and cold rolled steel in all grades. We can do this for gauges between 0.38 - 6.00mm, and strips from 25mm to 10m long sections.