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Solar Panel Farms

Venture Steel Group specialise in the provision of steel infrastructure for solar panel farms. With years of experience, and established partnerships with leading companies within the solar panel industry

  • Grades DX51 through to S350-S550
  • Used by global energy companies throughout Europe
  • Gauges from 0.38-6.00mm

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    Solar Panel Farms

    Venture Steel Group can provide a complete solution when manufacturing solar farm framework.

    Complete Solar Farm Framework Solution

    Venture Steel Group works closely with our clients to understand individual project specifications and any potential issues, pre-emptively manufacturing to resolve difficulties and ultimately optimise the construction process.  

    Venture Steel Group is dedicated to helping implement a green, renewable source of energy throughout the UK and beyond; we have built systems used by global energy companies and implemented throughout Europe as part of this.

    We provide bespoke solutions for solar farm mounting systems, and are driven by individual project timescales in doing so. 

    Our Capabilities

    Owning two large family-run sites, totalling 75,000 sq. ft, which house a comprehensive plant and facility list, Venture Steel Group has an expanded potential for handling mass production and offering global services. Aided by CNC machinery, Venture Steel Group can provide the manufacturing and delivery of solar panel mount infrastructure, on time and within budget.

    We pride ourselves on a personal service and building relationships with clients, so as to facilitate the manufacturing of a product perfectly formed for its application. Our partnerships within the solar power industry allow us to meet all needs of our clientele throughout the various stages of their manufacturing and construction journey. 

    Solar Panel Farms - Solar Farm Framework Provider: Venture Steel

    How Do Solar Farms Work?

    Solar farms are extensive installations of ground-mounted solar panels, otherwise known as photovoltaic systems or PV systems, which are typically connected to the National Grid so as to supply utility power. A solar farm converts sunlight to electricity, through panels which are made out of photovoltaic cells; these panels absorb the light and convert it into a direct current of energy. An inverter is then used to change the direct current into an alternating current, so it may be employed by the Grid. A solar farm can vary in size, from one acre to hundreds of acres, generating a clean source of energy for users across the country. 


    In the majority of cases, planning permission is required for a solar farm. A solar farm is a large-scale operation, and the scale of the project will tend to make permission a necessity on commercial, agricultural, and industrial land. If the solar panel system is greater than 9m sq. - which for an efficient farm, it will be - it will require planning permission.

    The most suitable land for an efficient solar farm is flat, or with a south-facing slope, though minimal incline is desirable; this enables greater irradiance. The condition of the land is moreover important; wetland can affect the stability of the infrastructure, and the land should be clear from any obstructions. A flood risk of the land should be calculated before installation of a solar farm can be approved.

    Building a solar farm poses several advantages, the most primary being the creation of a clean and renewable source of energy. A solar farm poses minimal disruption to the surrounding environment - they are safe, noiseless, and wildlife can continue to thrive around them. 

    Solar farms are profitable, with a good return on investment. They moreover have minimal ongoing maintenance costs.

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      Venture Steel Group supplies galvanised, hot and cold rolled, and exotic steels to meet most industry standards. Grades of steel range from DX51 through to S350-S550, in gauges from 0.38-6.00mm.