Solar Panel Ground Mount

As the name suggests, ground mounted solar panels are installed on the ground, as opposed to a rooftop installation. To ensure solar panels are securely anchored into the ground, a custom racking system, or ground mount, is often required. This makes certain the height and positioning of panels facilitates the greatest generation of power.

  • Lengths from 25mm to 10m
  • Gauges from 0.38-6.00mm
  • Comprehensive in-house options

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    Solar Ground Mounts & Infrastructure

    Venture Steel Group have been specialising in the manufacturing of solar panel ground mounts and infrastructure since 2015. Our family-run business has greatly expanded since its establishment in 2003, enabling us to provide precision steel products of all types for the solar power industry, including ground mounts. 

    Our Solar Farm Mount Solutions

    Our experience and expertise working within the solar power industry enables us to manufacture pre-emptive of the potential problems encountered during site installations, whilst adhering to tight lead times.

    This comprehensive in-house manufacturing service is further complemented by Venture Steel Group’s partnerships within the solar power field for a complete end-to-end service. 

    Custom Solar Panel Ground Mounts

    Custom ground mounts can be manufactured for all types of ground conditions, with the availability of single post, twin post, and concrete ballast systems.

    Solar panel ground mounts can be supplied in galvanised steel, hot or cold rolled, in gauges from 0.38-6.00mm. We can additionally handle strip lengths from 25mm to 10m. Venture Steel Group works closely with clients throughout our manufacturing processes, and can advise on the best material specifications for individual applications.

    Solar Ground Mount Fabrication

    For the fabrication of solar panel ground mounts, Venture Steel Group employs an exhaustive list of plant machinery for cutting, forming and rolling, and welding operations. Our investments into state-of-the-art CNC machinery ensures that, despite high material tonnage, the team at Venture Steel Group maintain the accuracy and efficiency necessary for the timely delivery of products.


    Ground-mounted solar panels can offer several benefits over rooftop installations. 

    Ground-mounted solar power systems are not restricted by a small surface area like rooftop solar panels, therefore can serve as much larger systems. They can further be removed, added to, or relocated, with convenience. With the ability to better position the solar panels, ground-mounted systems are often more productive - capturing a greater intensity of solar energy. On larger solar panel systems, the ground can be multifunctional - used for the grazing of livestock for instance.

    A ground mount is typically a fixed system, where poles are installed into the ground, using either a piled system, ballast system, or helical screw system. 

    A piled system is the most common type of foundation, featuring poles driven into the ground and secured with concrete. 

    A ballast system uses a standard framing system which is anchored by concrete blocks above ground. 

    A helical screw system features poles screwed into the ground, rather than driven, for security.

    Solar panels can be installed as a standard ground mount or a pole mount, for ground installations. 

    A ground mount system features a mount driven into the ground, and a frame on top of the mount which holds the panel close to the ground, on a tilted angle. 

    A pole mount, on the other hand, utilises one large pole onto which a panel is directly fixed; pole-mounted solar panels can be adjusted to follow the sun, however, they are much costlier than the ground mount system.

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