Solar Panel Site Accessories

Venture Steel Group can supply all steel infrastructure, fixtures and accessories for solar panel farms. Our steel accessories seek to organise large scale solar power systems with high quality components optimised for the longevity of equipment. The accessories supplied by Venture Steel Group include:

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    Solar Panel Site Accessories

    Venture Steel Group is an established UK manufacturer of steel products, who has been specialising in solar panel infrastructure since 2015.

    High-Quality Solar Panel Site Accessories

    During this time, Venture Steel Group has established partnerships within the industry which enable us to offer a comprehensive construction service for clients.

    Spread across two family-owned sites, totalling over 75,000 sq. ft, Venture Steel Group takes on projects both large and small. Our manufacturing capacity involves cutting, punching, forming, and welding operations, assisted by the latest CNC machinery for efficient and accurate operations.

    Our Solar Panel Capabilities

    As a family-run business, we value customer satisfaction, and so work closely with clients throughout our manufacturing operations to ensure our products complement overall project requirements and operations. We can do this for clients across the globe.

    Venture Steel Group works with many types of steel grades, ranging from DX51 to S350-S550, which can be further galvanised for the creation of durable site accessories. Our steel is supplied to suit most industry standards, in gauges between 0.38-6.00mm.

    Solar Panel Site Accessories


    When establishing a solar farm, it is essential to have the basic equipment. This equipment includes: solar panels, inverters, racking systems and ground mounts, and cable management systems.

    Solar panels are used to capture and store solar energy, producing direct current (DC) energy; this is then converted to the more useful alternating current (AC) energy, which can be utilised by the National Grid. For solar farms, a central inverter is most common - converting the cumulative energy of all panels. Racking systems include the framework upon which the solar panels are secured, such as frames and ground mounts. Cable management systems manage the cabling for solar farms, necessary for the protection of both trenched and above ground cables.

    Solar panel site accessories are complementary to systems, and often essential for the better management of larger systems, such as solar farms. Accessories such as cable management trays lead to better organisation and safety of sites, whilst inverter steps and platforms enable access to inverters which are housed in isolation for safety and practicality.

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