Solar Inverter Platforms

For use in large scale solar power systems, Venture Steel Group’s solar inverter platforms provide convenient and safe access to inverter systems.

  • Produced up to 10m in length
  • Produced up to 10m in length
  • Used by energy companies throughout Europe

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    Solar Inverter Platforms

    As a family-run business, we forefront a hands-on approach to customer service, working closely with customers and project managers to ensure our solar farm infrastructure is complementary to larger systems.

    The production of Venture Steel Group’s solar inverter platforms takes place on our two family-owned sites, with our team undertaking cutting and punching, forming and welding, on galvanised steel. These processes are aided by CNC machinery, facilitating an efficient and economic manufacturing service with the timely delivery of products.

    Our products can be delivered globally, with infrastructure manufactured by Venture Steel Group being used by global energy companies throughout Europe.

    Venture Steel Group understands the restricted timescales of solar power projects, and strives to fulfill tight lead times where possible. You can contact us here for further details on timescales.

    As established UK manufacturers of steel products, Venture Steel Group supply structural steel products to the solar power industry, including structures for inverter systems. We have been doing so since 2015, and have built up a solid knowledge base and industry partnerships within this time which aid our ability to provide a comprehensive service.

    Solar Inverter Platforms: Venture Steel


    The main two types of inverters used within large scale solar power systems are central inverters and micro-inverters.

    Central inverters are the most common type of inverter used for large scale systems - starting from around 100kW in size, they centralise and convert the cumulative power of all panels. 

    Micro-inverters are used for one singular panel - this is to more accurately measure individual solar panels, which can be used to increase productivity of each panel. Micro-inverters are more expensive than one central inverter.

    A solar farm connects to an electrical grid firstly through an inverter which changes the direct current produced by solar panels to alternating current which can be employed by the Grid; this current then connects to a grid through a point of interconnection - this is different for utility-scale and community scale systems but connection is facilitated by a distribution line or transmission line, or substation which ensures the appropriate voltage is distributed for the Grid.

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      Venture Steel Group works with all types of structural steel, including galvanised and hot and cold rolled steel. We fabricate gauges of 0.38mm-6.00mm and sections up to 10m in length, to cater to most client requirements.