Solar Inverter Steps

Venture Steel Group manufactures solar inverter steps for large scale inverters on solar power farms. Specialising in structural steel products, Venture Steel Group provides all types of infrastructure for solar power farms, including structural elements for inverters.

  • Used throughout Europe
  • Gauges between 0.38-6.00mm
  • High quality service

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    Solar Inverter Steps

    Venture Steel Group has been supplying the solar power industry with structural steel since 2015, and within this time, we have become accustomed to the exacting requirements of the industry.

    We manufacture pre-emptive of any potential construction difficulties, and enabled by our partnerships within the industry, can deliver a comprehensive and high quality service.

    Venture Steel Group is a family-run business, established across two sites, totalling 75,000 sq. ft.

    Our capacity to handle high material tonnage enables us to provide all types of solar power farm infrastructure, including solar inverter steps. To do this, our in-house operations, including cutting and punching, forming and welding, are guided by CNC machinery and the hands of our experienced team. 

    Venture Steel Group works with galvanised, hot and cold rolled steel, in a range of grades. Our steel is supplied to suit most industry standards, in gauges between 0.38-6.00mm, and up to 10m in length. 

    You can contact Venture Steel here today to get started on designing your solar panel farm.

    Solar Inverter Steps


    A solar inverter transforms direct current, which is created by solar panels, to alternating current, which can be used by the National Grid. An inverter achieves this through a transformer, which lowers and changes the voltage. The inverter runs direct current through a minimum of two transistors that rapidly turn on and off and feed the two sides of the transformer, forcing the direct current to act like an alternating current which moves in two directions. If you would like more about how solar inverters work, you can now read our article.

    Inverter size, or capacity, is measured in watts; the size of the inverter should match the wattage output produced by the solar power system, if not exceed it, in order to handle the power produced. This can be matched by multiple inverters if a single inverter cannot handle the expected output.

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      Having provided infrastructure to global energy companies used throughout Europe, Venture Steel Group can provide our services on a global scale.