The Truth about Solar Panel Farms

On the surface, solar panel farms seem like an excellent way to generate renewable energy in abundance. However, the truth about solar panel farms is much different and poses a range of issues, from being eyesores across the great British countryside to bringing severe environmental consequences.

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    The Truth about Solar Panel Farms

    The Truth About Solar Panel Farms: Solar Farm Design Issues | Venture Steel

    What is a solar farm?

    Solar Panel Farms are large-scale solar panel installations. They use photovoltaic (PV) panels to absorb energy from the sun. This energy is then transferred into electricity and sent to the grid to power homes and other amenities in the local area.

    The truth about solar panel farms

    The truth about solar panel farms may surprise many who believe they are a convenient and hassle-free way to generate essential power. While they may seem efficient, numerous problems arise when implementing and designing solar farms. These setbacks create the need to overcome and find solutions, which can severely impact how efficient solar panel farms are.

    Venture Steel

    Venture Steel is proud to share that we work with the most respected solar farm designers and have the tools to produce solar farm infrastructure in-house. This professional approach means we have greater flexibility and control over designs, giving you adaptability when creating efficient, attractive and eco-friendly solar farms.

    The Most Common Solar Farm Issues

    Problems with Existing Suppliers

    The Truth Solar Farms 2

    Inaccurate Ground Surveying

    Finally, inaccurate ground surveying can have severe consequences on the success of a solar panel farm. Regardless of the accuracy of solar farm drawings, these will not be of any use if an insufficient survey has taken place. Some companies are too eager to build without considering the risks of installing on unsuitable ground conditions, and this may lead to accidentally (or simply carelessly) building on foundations that do not possess the stable and secure properties required to maintain sufficient solar panel farms.

    Existing suppliers can cause issues when designing and installing solar farms. primarily, this is because they do not possess the capacity to produce a sufficient farm within a specific timeframe or budget, and they may not have the tools or skills to cover the entire solar farm infrastructure.

    Design Issues

    One major Solar panel farm design issue is how the installation will transform the landscape. As solar panel farms are best installed in the countryside, their presence can ruin the appearance of green rolling hills that are a staple of British heritage. These Solar Farm Designs could also affect heritage assets, and some areas will require planning permission from local properties, especially farms or smaller villages.

    Terrain Constraints

    Furthermore, many installers face terrain constraints when searching for the best place to install solar panel farms. It is impossible to install solar panels across metres of concrete, and many areas of farmland have unsuitable ground conditions and sediment types. This can include clay, which is too susceptible to shape changes caused by moisture, as well as water-bearing granular soils and finer soils that do not provide solid building foundations.


    Attaining the right local and land permissions to build a solar farm may be challenging due to the fact that others could object to the building of a solar panel farm in the land surrounding them.

    How can Venture Steel Help Resolve Solar Farm Issues?

    Due to our years of experience, we are also able to navigate and overcome potential issues and constraints to guarantee the finest results. If you want to learn more about what Venture Steel can do for you, you can read about our solar farm design service for more information.