Identify Solar Panel Ground Mount Corrosion

Solar Panel Ground Mount Corrosion can be hugely damaging to your solar investment, so it’s essential to know how to recognise the signs of corrosion to protect and overcome any issues before they affect your setup and home too severely. There are many issues caused by corrosion to your solar farm, including but not limited to:

  • Structural instability
  • Affected physical appearance
  • Environmental damage

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    How To Identify Solar Panel Ground Mount Corrosion

    How To Identify Solar Panel Ground Mount Corrosion

    What Is Corrosion?

    Corrosion is a process where refined metal turns into a stable oxide caused by electrochemical reactions within the environment. Typically, this is found when metal is exposed to water, causing it to rust, although it can also occur through long-term exposure to air and other elements.

    How corrosion appears on steel frameworks

    Steel contains iron and when this is exposed to air, it accelerates the process of oxidation and corrosion. It is easy to spot steel corrosion on frameworks as it turns the typically grey or silver colour of your steel frameworks into a distinctive brown or red colour that you will recognise as rust.

    What issues does corrosion cause?

    Metal corrosion can cause a wide range of issues for any metal structure including your Solar Panel Ground Mount.

    The Most Common Issues Caused By Corrosion

    Solarpanel Corrrosion

    Structural Instability

    As metal structures and framework corrodes, it creates hazardous structural instability. This is especially true when the framework is located near water sources, such as the ocean, as saltwater can be highly corrosive to certain metals.

    Affected Physical Appearance

    Corrosion can also affect the appearance of frameworks. While this is not as dangerous as the structural problems caused by corrosion, it still creates an ugly view that can make your structure or framework look neglected.

    Environmental Damage

    If left unchecked, corrosion can have severe consequences for the environment. Pipes from chemical plants and bathrooms can leak which will pollute the environment and can make water unsafe to drink. Furthermore, corroded metal can be hazardous to local wildlife.

    How Does Corrosion Affect Solar Farm Ground Mounts?

    A corroded Solar Panel Ground Mount can cause untold problems for your existing solar panel setup. Because of this, it’s always worth understanding how corrosion will affect solar farm ground mounts, allowing you to take steps to prevent and overcome any issues.

    Soil contains corrosive properties, yet you may not be aware of the significance of these properties until it is too late. As your ground mounts are beneath the soil, many people do not realise there is an issue until it is too late.

    The corrosive properties can penetrate the steel and gradually cause the framework to rust. This will compromise the structural integrity of your solar farm ground mounts. Eventually, the structure will collapse, which could cause costly damage.

    How Often Do Solar Farm Ground Mounts Need To Be Replaced?

    A significant benefit of solar and PV panels (Photovoltaic panels) is the lack of maintenance. However, now you understand the dangers of solar farm ground mount corrosion, you must pay close attention to your setup. Inspections can help you stay on top of your solar farm needs, and you should replace your mounts every 25 years.

    What If I Have A Corroded Solar Panel Ground Mount?

    Corroded solar panel ground mounts can become incredibly costly if you do not deal with them quickly. Even galvanised steel is not immune to corrosion (although this can take much longer than non-galvanised materials). If you discover that your solar panel ground mount is corroded, Venture Steel can offer solutions. Visit our Solar Panel Ground Mounts page for more information.