Cable Management Trays

As part of our solar power site accessories, Venture Steel Group manufactures steel cable management trays for the organisation and protection of above ground cables. Proper cable management is essential to the longevity of a solar power system, and so Venture Steel Group works closely with clients to determine the correct cable management for each project. 

  • Used across Europe
  • in-house end-to-end service
  • Gauges between 0.38-6.00mm

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    Cable Management Trays

    With decades of experience manufacturing structural steel products, Venture Steel Group produces precision structures for the solar power industry. Aided by our partnerships within the industry, we can do this in conjunction with other operations to deliver a complete end-to-end service.

    Venture Steel Group have been specialising in manufacturing structural steel products for the solar power industry since 2015.

    Manufacturing takes place across our two family-owned sites, totalling over 75,000 sq. ft., and is undertaken by our experienced and dedicated team. Venture Steel Group provides a comprehensive manufacturing service, supported by CNC machinery, including cutting and punching, forming, rolling, and welding. 

    As a family-owned business, we prioritise the relationships we form with our customers, striving to deliver accurate and consistent products within the agreed project timescales. We can do this on a global scale, having already provided solar power infrastructure to global energy companies, used across Europe.

    Cable Management


    Cabling for solar power systems is referred to as PV wire - photovoltaic wire. This is a single conductor wire which is insulated for the protection of the wire and current. PV wire is typically made from copper or aluminium as these materials are conductive so will carry current from the solar panels to the inverter.

    PV wire can further be solid or stranded - stranded wire is more flexible and can withstand vibrations which may occur within outdoor applications, however solid is more efficient when used across distances.

    Wire management is the best way to protect solar panel wires. Solar panel wires can be protected by a cable management tray - which is an increasingly popular form of above-ground cabling which removes the need for trenching. 

    Cable management trays keep wires arranged in a neat form; protected against pests; ensures that there are no tight bends in the wire which may damage it; and lifts wires away from rough surfaces or elements on the ground, protecting both wire and those who may come into contact with the solar power system. 

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      Venture Steel Group can manufacture galvanised and hot and cold rolled steel for a durable cable management system, working with gauges between 0.38-6.00mm.