Sheep Guards

As part of our comprehensive solar power infrastructure provision, Venture Steel Group further manufactures sheep guards for the separation of solar panel systems from livestock and pests. 

  • Full manufacturing service
  • Gauges from 0.38-6.00mm
  • Produces up to 10m lengths

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    Sheep Guards

    Venture Steel Group are specialists in steel, and have been providing bespoke steel solar power framework and accessories since 2015.

    Our intimacy with the industry, and established partnerships within it, has facilitated an in-depth knowledge of processes within solar power farm construction, with which Venture Steel Group can better advise and support our customers. As a family-run business, we personally ensure that our customers’ unique project requirements are catered to, including the heightened protection of solar infrastructure.

    Venture Steel Group’s increased manufacturing capacity means we can handle high material tonnage; this is enabled by a large plant list and exhaustive facilities spread across two family-owned sites. Venture Steel Group offers a full manufacturing service for sheep guards and solar panel accessories, from cutting and punching to forming and welding.

    These services can be achieved on galvanised steel, or hot and cold rolled steel, in various grades and for lengths up to 10m. Venture Steel Group further works with gauges from 0.38-6.00mm.  You can click here to contact Venture Steel today for any enquiries regarding sheep guards for solar farms.

    Sheep Guards for Solar Panel Farms: Venture Steel


    It is perfectly safe for sheep to graze in the same field as solar panels, and in some cases, it can even increase productivity as fields can be multifunctional. Larger forms of livestock, such as cows and goats, should not be kept amongst solar panel systems, however, due to their size.

    For some it may be preferable to prevent sheep’s direct access to solar power systems for greater protection of both the animal and system. Sheep guards can be utilised for this purpose.

    Studies surrounding the safety of solar power systems have shown there is minimal risk of leaching from the materials used for these systems into the soil. A solar panel is generally made from silicon, which is not a harmful substance if it were to leak into the ground; the framing for these systems is made from steel or aluminium, which are moreover safe materials to use within the ground. 

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      Venture Steel Group understands the importance of maintaining tight project schedules, therefore is driven by lead times to deliver our first rate products in a timely manner. Venture Steel Group’s solar power infrastructure services can be provided to clients globally.