Roofing Construction: How Are Steel Roofs Supported?

If steel roofs are so resilient and long-lasting, it is also thanks to structures that are not always immediately visible, such as steel purlins. Steel purlins, which are horizontal bars used to provide structural support to metal roofing constructions, are just one of the elements that allow roofs to withstand extraordinary loads and resist extreme weather events.

In this expert guide by the Venture Steel Group, you’ll find all you need to know about how purlins help solve some of the critical challenges in roofing construction.

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  • The main challenges of steel roofing in construction
  • Z Section Purlins For Roof Support
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    Roofing Construction: How Are Steel Roofs Supported?

    The Main Challenges of Steel Roofing in Construction

    Roofs play a critical role in maintaining a building safe, insulated, protected from the elements, and, ultimately, structurally sound. But roofing construction isn’t always a straightforward process. Some of the main challenges that may affect the quality of a roof include the following:

    Roofing Construction: Steel Roofing Support Solutions | Venture Steel Group

    Inappropriate material specifications

    these can lead to uncertainty and the use of materials that are not suitable for a certain roof type or nature. Mis-specifications may derive from the architectural, design, or construction teams.

    Engineering challenges

    Custom steel roof projects may come with unique engineering challenges, depending on the location, size, and nature of the roof.

    Quality of materials

    Choosing the right grade of steel in roofing construction is essential to guarantee a building’s structural soundness.

    The choice of material may also impact other projects related to the roof’s nature, such as solar panels.

    Roofing Construction: Z Section Purlins | Venture Steel Group

    Why Steel Purlins Are Used to Support Roofing

    How Steel Purlins Prop Up Roofing Structures

    One of the most efficient components that can be used to improve the durability and resilience of a roof is steel purlins. In roofing and construction, “purlins” refer to horizontal beams or bars, which are attached to the roof’s walls on each side and are mounted on the roof’s rafters or trusses.

    Once positioned at regular intervals along the height of the roof, the purlins play a vital role in boosting the roof’s structural integrity, durability, and quality. These bars ensure that the weight of the roof is distributed properly and prevent sagging.

    If you are wondering whether your roof requires steel purlins the team at Venture Steel can answer all of your questions.

    As we have seen above, purlins are critical components of a quality roof. But why are purlins preferred to improve the structural soundness of roofs? Well, Z Section Purlins are highly customizable in terms of height or length. Galvanised steel purlins are relatively lightweight for the amount of support and structure they provide for steel roofing. On top of this, our steel purlins are of UKCA standard, which means they meet international building and safety standards.

    Venture Steel’s Steel Purlin Manufacturing Service

    The Venture Steel Group is a family-run business dedicated to manufacturing purlin and purlin accessories such as purlin laps for all types of roofing construction projects. Designed to meet UKCA standards, and created in construction-grade steel, our purlins offer unparalleled versatility, quality, and durability.

    Get in touch with our team to discover our range of services and bring your roofing project to life.