Solar Farm Design Services by Venture Steel Group

Solar power is becoming more popular in response to the looming energy crisis. Although there is an initial cost, it can be more cost-effective to become self-sufficient with a solar panel installation. Or you can supplement your incoming grid energy with a custom design.

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    Solar Farm Design Services & Development

    Venture Steel offer Solar Farm Design Services | Quality Solar Panel Farm Design by Venture Steel Group

    The Rise of Solar Power

    The first solar panel dates back to 1881. Yet we have only been using them commercially and residentially for a few decades. One of the main reasons is the cost of manufacture and installation. But today, solar panels are very affordable. Over the past twenty years or so, more businesses and business owners have turned to solar panels to offset the rising costs of electricity and become much more self-sufficient. Venture Steel can help you meet any demand.

    Reduced costs

    One of the most important aspects of solar energy is to save money. Of course, there is an initial upfront cost. Yet the average return on investment from solar energy is around 10%. Additionally, the cost of solar installations has been reduced by a large amount over the recent years. There are numerous reasons for this, not least the cost of manufacture. But you can also take advantage of certain government tax deductions and clean energy rebate schemes.


    With rising energy costs and the unpredictability thereof, you can no longer rely on a third party to supply your energy. And in some countries, such as the UK, rolling blackouts and brownouts are a very real possibility due to energy uncertainty now and for the foreseeable future. So, you can go “off the grid” and use your own energy supply or supplement your main energy supply. A standard photovoltaic (PV) configuration is enough to meet the demands of most buildings.

    Quality Solar Panel Farm Design

    The quality of solar panel farm provider’s work is key to a successful solar farm layout and implementation. Your chosen service must be able to meet all aspects of solar panel installation, including providing a reliable and consistent service, ongoing support and meet safety and compliance standards in your country. Venture Steel Group specialises in solar infrastructure with reliable frames and mounts that are safe for all situations and ground conditions.

    Solar Panel Design 2

    Reliable Solar Panel Design Service

    Solar farm designs and installation services need to fully understand the role and job they are doing. They must understand the types of solar panels you need by keeping up with industry changes and standards, hiring qualified electrical technicians, and having the willingness to troubleshoot any situation. This is mainly because there are many issues that can arise with a solar installation, such as power outages, faulty components and delamination due to corrosion.

    Great Understanding Of Solar Panel Infrastructure

    When you are looking for a solar array design and manufacture service, you need a reliable strategy. Any reputable company supporting solar design must understand the technology, be aware of safety issues, and have a solid comprehension of civil and structural engineering standards. The failure rate of solar panels is low at around 5 for every 10,000. Yet a service that understands cell layout, redundancy and switching, and contingencies is vital for success.

    Eco-friendly solar panel design support

    The truth about solar panel farms is they are among the most eco-friendly ways to power a building or operation. Abundant energy from the sun is free and doesn’t pollute. But a well-designed system on unsuitable ground conditions needs support. This is because a solar farm project should be installed with minimal impact on the surrounding area, especially if there are wildlife considerations. The key is to balance your needs with little environmental impact.

    Professional planning and materials

    From solar farm drawings to implementation, Venture Steel offers a complete service that ticks all the boxes. As a UK-based manufacturer, our safety standards are as high as possible, and we use only the most durable steel in our frames and mounts. We can supply solar panel ground mounts in a variety of materials, such as galvanised steel, in a variety of sizes. This means we can confidently handle any solar farm array with a high degree of competency.

    Cost Effective Solar Panel Farm Design

    Corroded solar panel ground mounts can become incredibly costly if you do not deal with them quickly. Even galvanised steel is not immune to corrosion (although this can take much longer than non-galvanised materials). If you discover that your solar panel ground mount is corroded, Venture Steel can offer solutions. Visit our Solar Panel Ground Mounts page for more information.

    Why Venture Steel is the Best Choice to Design Your Solar Panel Farm

    At Venture Steel Group, we offer a complete array installation for solar panel farms by people who understand it fully. Over many years, we have established a solid reputation within the solar industry as a reliable service, not least through our strong business partnerships. But also from our valued customers. From small residential projects to huge 60,000-square-foot solar farm developments, we offer expert design with a modern approach to each and every job.