What To Consider When Investing in a Solar Panel PV Farm

Harvesting sunlight using a solar PV farm is one of the best ways to generate additional income and has quickly risen to one of the top investments for independent investors and companies.

Solar farms are ground-mounted solar panels that are typically in rows. These ground-mounted solar panels are fixed to the ground with special frames and can cover anywhere between 1 to 100 or more acres.

In this blog we will be discussing:

  • Restrictions of Solar Farms
  • Animal/ Agriculture Impact of Solar Farms
  • Maintenance of Solar Farms

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    What To Consider When Investing in a Solar Panel PV Farm

    What To Consider When Investing in a Solar Panel PV Farm | Venture Steel Group

    Are there restrictions for solar panel farms?

    One of the considerations for installing solar panels is that they take up a lot of room; for most farms, this is fine as the benefits outweigh the space required. If your land comes under any of the following, then you may need to get permission:

    • If the ground is listed
    • When the land is protected
    • Where the ground is a world heritage site

    How will my ground type impact solar panel installation?

    The best way to know if your ground will be suitable for solar panel installation is by conducting a ground survey. During the ground survey, your surveyor will assess the composition of the environment and determine if it is suitable for solar panels.

    Any ground near swampy ponds or land is unstable and unsuitable for solar panels. Or if your land comes in a flood zone, this would also be unstable.

    Solid ground is the best option.

    What To Consider When Investing in a Solar Panel PV Farm | Venture Steel

    Do animals impact solar panels?

    One of the concerns about using farmland for solar panels is its impact on grazing animals like sheep. Adding a sheep guard is one of the best things you can do to protect both the animal and the solar panels.

    Are there things that could damage my solar panels?

    Several things could damage your solar panels. Extreme weather conditions like hail storms and age could impact them, as can sewage. Debris, like leaves, dirt, and twigs, can scratch and damage your solar panels. Your solar panels will be sealed, and that seal will prevent water damage.

    Will my solar panel farm need maintenance?

    Just like any investments you make for your land, you should make sure that there is a maintenance plan in place. A regular maintenance package will include cleaning and inspection of the panels. Regular cleaning will remove any corrosive materials and keep your solar panels working efficiently for the rest of the year.

    Do I Need To Remove Trees For Solar Panel Installation?

    The more sunlight the solar panels get, the better. The ideal placement for a solar farm is south facing with plenty of space so that you get the maximum amount of sunlight hours per day.

    If you have many trees, it would be reasonable to cut them back and maintain regular maintenance to maximise your available sunlight hours. Shade can reduce your potential solar harvest by up to 40%.